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Benner’s Men’s Wear Collection: The most interesting men’s brands in the world

Benner has a reputation for producing innovative clothing.

The brand’s line of men’s clothes includes trench coats, jacket tops, trousers and sport coats.

Benner is known for its affordable, classic designs and the quality of its clothing has been praised by critics, with the brand receiving four Gold Awards from the British High Commission.

Its collections have received numerous accolades, including The Economist’s “The World’s Most Beautiful Fashion” award, Forbes Magazine’s “Best Fashion Brands” and TIME Magazine’s top 10 brands of all time.

In 2016, Benner introduced the new Benner Menswear Collection, which was made up of four collections, including its flagship trench coat and sport coat collections, which were launched in October 2016.

The collection featured a new line of sport coats, featuring new features such as a zipper closure for easier opening, a breathable mesh lining for added warmth and comfort, a mesh hood for added ventilation and a mesh pocket for extra protection.

The new trench coat was launched with a leather lining, which is very comfortable and looks great with the new material.

The trench coat has a zipper on the back and the hood is attached to the sides with a small clip, which makes it easy to take off.

The hood is also breathable, and the mesh lining gives it extra ventilation.

The coat has two hoods, which can be folded and tucked in to create a small hood and a larger one for storage.

The fabric used in the new trench coats is a new mesh material, which creates an overall feel.

The men’s trench coat, which features a zipper and hood, is available in three colors: black, grey and silver.

The jacket top is available as a black, dark grey or silver option, and is available with a mesh lining.

The women’s trench coats are available in five colors: navy, white, light grey, red and black.

The men’s jacket top, which has a zip closure, is also available in a dark grey option.

The trench coats were launched on a limited-edition basis in early October.

They are available at the Benner store from November 3, 2016.