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‘I want to give my son the opportunity to wear the best’: Dad of 4-year-old boy who died in motorcycle accident says he’s happy to wear JBZ men’swear

Canali, Manitoba — The father of a 4-week-old son who died after crashing his motorcycle in April says he has given his son the chance to wear men’s clothing outlet Jabong men�s wear.

Aidan Gomes, who has been at the shop since May, said his son was riding in the same family vehicle he had driven to a shop in the town of Maazjee, north of Winnipeg, when he was struck by a Toyota Camry, an SUV and a motorcycle.

“The accident occurred at the end of the day, when I’m doing my shopping.

I was going to do my shopping and the next thing I know, I heard a lot of screaming and then the crash happened,” Gomes said.

His son, who is still in hospital, died from severe brain injuries.

Gomes says he is pleased his son has had a chance to see his favourite men’s brands in action.

I’m not going to stop wearing them.

I want to share them with my son.

He’s the first one to wear them, he says.

In addition to Jabong, the shop also sells men�wear accessories such as men�shoes and gloves, necklaces and earrings.

It is the second time Gomes has bought a men�skin to wear at a shop.

The shop’s manager, John Daley, said the son’s mother, Jodi Gomes of Canali in Manitoba, was able to bring him in the store, because her son was a member of the shop’s customer service team.

John Daley said his father, who lives with his girlfriend and her children, has been in contact with the family.

Jodi Games said she would be happy to take him in her home for a couple of weeks, and help him learn about the brand.

She said she wants her son to grow up with a father like him.

“He will be able to be proud of the brand, proud of his family, proud to wear it and proud of how it can improve his life,” she said.

Gomes said he has been able to help his son with many things, including a recent visit to a local sporting goods store to buy some men�slippers.

He said the store had a large number of men�sweaters and men�panties, which he was happy to buy.

Gomes also said he would love to visit the store and try on the JBz men�hats.