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Two new fashion styles from egypt to hit the UK

Two new UK styles are set to hit London’s fashion scene in February, as the UK celebrates its 100th birthday.

Eresi Men’s Wear, a brand from the Egypt-based company Eresi, will be launching its new collection in the UK in February.

The collection will feature a range of styles that include an all-black range, a dark grey, a navy blue, a black and a brown range, among others.

The collection, which will be launched at the UK’s Fashion Week, is designed to highlight the country’s rich history and heritage.

The egyptian designer, who is based in Cairo, says he has wanted to make a collection that will be representative of the countrys history and the people who have made it.

“We wanted to create a collection where people can say they are Egyptian, wear Egyptian, and the range will be made from Egypt,” he told FourFourtwo.

“It will reflect the country, its people, its culture, its history and it will represent a lot of people, from both countries, and that’s something that I am proud of.”

The range will include men’s, women’s and children’s collections, which we hope will make people feel proud and proud to be Egyptian.

“The collection will also feature a wide range of accessories.

The main colour palette is black with white and grey tones on the front and back, and is adorned with embroidery on the shoulders, neckline and back.

The black leather jacket is a signature feature for the brand, with the designer saying the leather is so soft that it feels like it was made from the ground up.

Erosi also offers women’s, men’s and kids’ collections.

Men’s wear and kids wear are the main focus of the collection, with both the women’s collections and kids-wear range looking to showcase the best in men’s fashion.

Elesis men’s collection includes a range that features the men’s look with a range including a white, black, grey and burgundy, as well as a number of casual and top styles.

The range includes a men’s leather jacket with an embroidered leather belt, which is a reference to the colour of the colour in Egyptian culture.

The boys’ collection, meanwhile, will feature boys’ items such as trousers, shirts, jackets, trousers, trainers, sneakers, trainers and jackets.

Erez Men’swear, an egypti-based brand, also has a range, including a range in black and white and also a range with bright colors and a lot more.

The company says the men look has changed over the years, with a focus on the black colour and the design of the shoes.”

This year we have added a lot to our range, so we will be releasing a new range this year, as we are getting older and older,” Erez said.”

So, we have to be more creative in our designs and we need to be bolder with our styles, so that our boys will be proud to wear this new range.