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Man who helped find missing toddler dies aged 89

A man who helped found the toddler who disappeared from his Adelaide home in the 1960s has died aged 89.

Mark Roussel, from Wollongong, was arrested after his partner, Sue Daley, said he had taken the baby from her care on January 2, 1960, but the pair had been separated for three months.

Ms Daley told the ABC she had been walking the children to school in the early hours of the morning when she noticed the boy walking towards the front door.

“He looked like he was going to jump up and start running.

It was a big, big jump,” Ms Daley said.”

I said, ‘Are you sure he’s going to be ok?’ and he said, no, he’s not going to run.”

She said the child had been missing for six months before Ms Daly called police.

The baby’s mother, Mary Daley Lee, was found dead at her home on January 3, but it is believed the two disappeared at the same time.

Ms Lee was a nurse at the hospital where Mark Roussels was working and had previously been on a visit to see her son, who she said had been living with her father at the time.

“It’s just so heartbreaking to hear that he’s gone,” Ms Lee said.

The ABC understands Mark Roulsel was arrested by police in Adelaide’s north on Monday morning.

Mr Roussell was released on bail and will return to court on February 4.

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