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Men’s wear company Erik’s has launched a pair of high-end leather trousers for the ’60s and ’70s

Erik, the makers of some of the most high-profile men’s apparel brands, have announced their first pair of leather trousers in a long-running design trend known as the ’70-80s. 

Erik’s first pair, available in a range of sizes from 10.6mm to 16.9mm, were designed with the aim of capturing the essence of the era while also adding a little more sophistication, and a little bit of ’80s retro flair, to their slim, modern look. 

The trousers feature a wide, leather upper, and have a pair the same width as the waistband of a denim suit. 

There’s also a “large cut” on the left pocket and an inside pocket that’s similar to that of a jacket, and the inside pocket has a “small cut” and is “just a little narrower than a pocket on a jacket.”

The trousers are available for $130 from Erik and will be available in “the next few weeks,” the company told TechCrunch. 

(Erik didn’t say when the trousers would be available, but did say that they would be in a limited edition of 200.) 

The jeans will come in two versions: a slim fit and a “slim” fit, and Erik says the “slam” fits the “perfect blend of casual and formal.” 

Ericks leather trousers are made with a “very premium” leather that Erik believes is “extremely soft and durable.”

The company claims that they’re “fully waterproof,” and they also come with a leather belt. 

I’m sure this isn’t a shocker for a man’s wardrobe, but the “Slim Fit” and “Slam Fit Slim” fits are very different from the classic “classic” fit of denim jeans and “classic black” trousers that Erick was famously known for. 

And, of course, Erick’s jeans don’t look like the “classic denim” look that so many of us associate with the era, either. 

This isn’t the first time that Erk has launched leather pants in a period-specific fashion.

In 2012, the company released a pair called “Classic Slim” that was made with “super soft” Italian leather, and in 2015, they launched a “Classic Straight” that has a similar look to their “Sylvania Slim” line. 

In the ‘80.80s, the “60s Slim” was one of the first to introduce the brand to a wider audience, and it is said that “the ’60 Slim” has become a fashion icon. 

For a range that’s so similar to Eriks original jeans, this will be a great opportunity to get some good examples of what Erik was all about before the modern era came along. 

“The ’70 and ’80 era is where we wanted to take the modern look to the next level, and I think we’ve achieved that with the new Erik jeans,” Erik co-founder and CEO Rob Schreiber told Tech Crunch.

“We’ve also tried to give a little of the ’40s vibe back to the jeans, and to make them look a little like the ’50s and the ’20s, and not a lot of the 1970s.”

The jeans were born to be modern, and we think it’s very important for denim to look like it was designed for today.” 

It’s possible that the ’30s and early ’40-50s were the first in a trend that Errik has seen in the past, but it’s also possible that this will just be the latest iteration of the jeans’ style. 

If so, it’s a great example of Erik expanding into the “future” of fashion.