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Dress up with Jacks men’s collection


— Jacks Men’s Dress Up collection includes the new Jacks Jacks Tuxedo, new Jacksonville, Jacks New Look, Jackson, Jack and Jacks Vintage Men’s, Jacked Men’s and Jackson Vintage Men.

The collection is available in more than 100 colors and is priced at $129.95, $129, $79.95 and $39.95.

Jacks’ online store has also announced the launch of the new Men’s Jacked Collection.

The new collection includes Men’s New Look Jacked, Men’s Vintage Men Jacked and Jacked Vintage.

Jacksonville is the new destination for Jacks’ Men’s Wear collection, which will be available at select Jacks locations throughout Florida.

The collection features new Jacked Jacked Tuxedos, new Men and Jack and a Jacked Classic Jacked for a stylish, classic look.

The new Jack-branded collection will debut at Jacks stores across the United States on Oct. 10.

For more information, visit jacksonville.com