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What to wear in the resort town of Bali

The men’s travel gear has always been a big draw for the women who flock to Bali every year.

But the island nation’s resorts have begun to shift the rules of the game with a series of new rules that allow men to be allowed in only on their own, and some women are already wearing their hijabs, wigs and makeup in public.

The rules, which were put into effect this year and are expected to be in place for at least another five years, allow men and women to dress in “traditional attire” in public, such as headscarves, masks and long-sleeved shirts.

Women are allowed to wear traditional clothes and beep and dance at concerts and events.

And they are free to wear what they want to, but not for long.

Women who want to wear hijabs in public have to take them off and put them in their hair, not their faces, said Jules W. Hahn, who oversees the island’s public security agency, which oversees security at Bali’s resorts.

“It’s a bit of a surprise,” said Hahn of the new rules, adding that he has seen women wearing their facehuggers and wigs in public as long as a year ago.

But he said he didn’t see the women changing.

“I’ve seen some change in women, and I’m not sure how much,” he said.

Some women are even using their own hijabs to cover up, including one who posted a picture on Instagram showing her hair in pigtails that were “so cute” she put them on and went topless.

Bali is home to about 6.5 million people and has long been popular with foreign tourists.

It is also known for its spectacular scenery, with volcanoes and spectacular islands to explore, including the iconic Bali National Park, where locals have long held out hope that the island will become a tourist paradise.

Bali is a popular stopover for some of the world’s most famous companies, including Apple and Disney.

But many locals are now starting to wonder whether Bali will become an economic powerhouse.

“If we want to attract the world to the Bali of the future, we need to be welcoming,” said Misha J. Pashman, who is the head of the Banias tourism board.

“If we don’t, we will lose the tourists.”

While there are now restrictions on men, it’s not just about the beach.

A large portion of the resorts are private, and many of the men in them are in their 30s or 40s, so they are far more likely to be wearing their own masks, Wojciech Kuk, a Bali native who runs the resort management company Jules and the Bikinis, said on an Internet forum.

That’s a concern for a group of women who have taken to wearing the masks in public in an effort to avoid discrimination.

“It’s not a very flattering look,” said Kuzma Kuzme, who runs a local restaurant.

“But it’s the only thing we can do.”