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Which brands are making the biggest strides in support of women in the industry?

Doyne has a great line of menswear: a line that celebrates the masculine virtues of hard work, independence and self-reliance, and that also helps women find their place in the world.

The brand is also making a splash with its new men’s supportwear line, Men’s Polewear, which features a range of stylish shirts, jackets, shorts and socks.

Menswear retailer Belk has been on a hot streak of recent years with the introduction of a new line of men’s footwear, the All-Nighter, that will include shoes, hats, socks and pants.

Belk is also adding new clothing for women to its online store and at its brick and mortar store, Menards.com.

Tucker is getting ready to launch the first line of new menwear in the Men’s Wear section of its Men’swear section.

The line includes a hoodie, shirt and pants, and will be available in three sizes: 8XL, 12XL and 18XL.

Women’s footwear is another hot trend these days.

Belkin announced that it will begin to carry the new men and women’s footwear of its namesake brand, and the new Men’s Shoes section of the company’s Men’s Warehouse will offer a range.