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‘Man of the Year’ Ceremony: Candyman Men’s Wear

It was the annual men’s fashion show, Candyman, which celebrated the 60th anniversary of the landmark ad campaign that was widely credited with sparking the men’s rights movement. 

The event was held at the Grand Ballroom of the City Club in Glasgow and featured a number of celebrity guests including Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Nick Frost, James Cameron and Sir Peter Blake. 

But the celebration also featured a host of controversial guests including the Queen, who wore a black crop top and sat in a chair behind a glass wall. 

In a tribute to the Queen at the event, Mr Maclean, the Chief Executive of The Royal College of Surgeons said: “I think it’s very important to remember the impact the ad campaign had on the men’s movement.”

The campaign made a profound difference to how we think about the world.” 

Cherry blossom  celebrates the 30th anniversary with a floral parade, a pink and blue carnival, a dance and entertainment and a performance by the Masters of Ceremonies at Glasgow City Hall. “

The Royal College is proud to celebrate the 30 years of celebrating Candyman with a celebrate day,” Dr Simon MacLean said. 

Cherry blossom  celebrates the 30th anniversary with a floral parade, a pink and blue carnival, a dance and entertainment and a performance by the Masters of Ceremonies at Glasgow City Hall. 

There will also be a pilgrim of celebra women from the College of Nursing and Dementia Scotland who will be in attendance. 

Celebrating the event will be Liz Robinson, director of the Women’s Centre, Lizzie-Anne Robinson, the Founder of the Women’s Centre and Nancy Lea, a Senior Lecturer at Ley College of Health Sciences. 

Glenn Campbell, a Professor of Women’s Studies and Chair of Women in Psychology at Dartmouth University, will also attend. 

A panel discussion will be chaired by Professor Campbell and will explore the challenges faced by women in the male dominated workplace. 

Chairing the panel will be Dr Joanna O’Sullivan from Belfast-based the University of Belfast and Professor David Stroud, a senior lecturer in department of clinical and forensic psychology at Westminister University. 

Dr O’Sullivans discussions will also include Dr Helen Burdon, a lecturer in psychiatry and director of women’s psychotherapy at the University of Glasgow, and Dr Helen Gaughan, a clinical professor of psychology at the University of Birmingham. 

Participants will also be joined by Dr Michelle McInerney from Loughborough University, Dr Fiona MacLeod from Westmead University, Professor Geraldine McGovern from Oxford University, and Dr Sue Wootton from Universities and Social Work in Newcastle upon Tyne. 

 “Candymans 50th anniversary is a significant occasion for all the members of the society who have worked to achieve gender equality,” Professor McGovern said.

“This will be a celebration of our society as a whole and for those who have made their mark on the gender equality movement.” 

“This will also provide an opportunity to reflect on our society and how we as a society have progressed through the years. 

This event is part of the celebrations of Cancellation Week, the annual month in which we celebrate the end of the year. 

It will provide the opportunity to reflect on our society and the movements that have shaped it over the last 50 years.”

This event will also give us an opportunity to reflect on the work of those who worked to make the world a better place. 

For all those who have worked in the women and men space and have helped to make this a better place, I would like you to remember Ceremonies 50 and wish you well as you move forward as individuals and as society.” 

The Queen will be the star of the parade, accompanied by her husband Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cornwall. 

She will also participate in a floodlight dance and dance alongside Cory Doctor