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Toronto’s new men’s fusionwear label has a new look, a brand new look

With its new look and style, Toronto’s men’ve fusionwear brand is making waves in the city’s fashion world.

But while it’s known for its colourful tuxedos, its signature men’s boots and its long-running partnership with Bloomingdale’s, the brand is also creating a new identity for itself.

The company’s new name, Men’s Fusion Wear, will be unveiled at its Spring 2017 Toronto International Trade Fair on April 19.

The brand will be open to all genders, including men, women and teens.

Its aim is to take men out of their normal, masculine identities and make them more “feminine,” says Andrew Smith, head of the brand’s global brand strategy.

“We’re creating an identity that is masculine and feminine.

That’s the goal,” he says.

Smith says the new brand is designed to capture men’s attention.

“Our brand will engage with the brand that is most popular with men, and that’s Men’s Wear, the men’s brand,” he said.

Men’s Fusion wear is the brand, designed for men, that has been the most successful with the Toronto market.

The brand has been at the forefront of men’s footwear, with men’s shoes the most popular category.

In its early years, Men’t Fusion wore tuxedo tights, long, skinny pants and high-heeled boots.

But the brand was able to turn that into a style that had appeal for men.

The new look is inspired by men’s favourite fashion icons like Ralph Lauren, designer Ralph Lauren’s wife, and fashion icon Ralph Lauren.

Men can wear the brand as a collection or as individual pieces.

“The goal is to create a collection that reflects the way we dress, but also reflects the identity that we want to be,” Smith says.

Mens Fusion Wear’s signature styles include:Black-and-white boots, tailored trousers and shoes.

The look is part of the branding strategy to connect the brand to the Toronto community, and also reflect the city where the brand operates.

“It’s about the Toronto brand that’s about Toronto, about Toronto’s culture, about the city we love to live in, and about the Canadian values that are the bedrock of this brand,” Smith said.

Smith and his team have been in Toronto for the past two years, working on the brand.

They started working on its logo in August 2016, and were working on design in the summer of 2017.

The logo, which is currently being designed, will reflect Toronto’s unique and vibrant culture.

The design team hopes to unveil the logo at the Toronto International Fashion Fair this spring, and the brand will open to the public in April.

The product, which includes a variety of styles and colors, will go on sale April 19 at Bloomingdale.

The range includes: men’s jeans, black boots, leather jackets, and other footwear.

The style will also go on display at other Bloomingdale stores.

The Toronto brand has partnered with the company’s sister company, D&T, which has a similar range of menwear.

The two brands, which also share the same office, are collaborating on men’s tuxeds, boots and jeans.