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Why is the Olympic men’s marathon world record holder wearing women’s shoes?

The International Olympic Committee says it is investigating the reports that a member of the men’s team wearing women is in a relationship with another athlete.

Bacarack Bacarache was the first man to win the 100m in the 100 metre butterfly in 1988.

He and his then-girlfriend have been together since then.

They had a relationship and have three children.

IOC spokesman Mark Adams said: “We are aware of these reports, but we do not comment on private matters.”

Earlier this year, the International Olympic committee fined the Brazilian swimmer Véronique Bauza more than $5m for an alleged assault in 2014, but did not sanction her.

In an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde, Bauzas mother said her son had “never been in a committed relationship” and was only interested in his business.

Bauzases first coach, Bruno Zampier, has since died, while the IOC has been unable to discipline the athletes.

The Olympic governing body has been criticised for not taking action.

In February, the IOC announced it would not sanction two Russian athletes for failing to report abuse by their coach.