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Men’swear brand edc’s men’swear hits new heights

EDC Men’s Wear, a brand of clothing and accessories for men’s fashion and men’s entertainment, has just hit a new high point in terms of sales in 2017, thanks to the launch of its new range of men’s clothes in the UK.

EDC UK’s Men’s Clothing and Accessories range, which debuted in January, was named best fashion and fashion accessories of 2017 by Men’s Journal.

EDCM’s range has been hailed by fashion experts for its “newly chic” aesthetic and for its high-end fabrics and materials. 

EDCM UK’s men clothing is made from the same materials and fabrics as the men’s clothing the UK’s other top fashion brands, including Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci and Gucci Montmartre. 

Edc UK also announced in February that it would be selling men’s accessories in the US in January 2018.

EDMUK’s Men and Men’s accessories are also available in men’s menwear online at EDCUK.com. 

“Edc UK’s range is a perfect match for the UK consumer, as it delivers the high quality of clothing men want while still being stylish and affordable,” said Edc Men’s Vice President of Retail and Brand Management, Mark Copley. 

In the UK, EDC’s range of clothing has been named best in fashion and women’s accessories. 

The men’s range, called Men’s and Men, was the third-highest selling collection in the world last year, edc UK has said, with men’s underwear ranked second and men in menwear third. 

Its range also sold more than 100 million pieces of menwear in its first year. 

EdcUK said the range’s popularity in the U.K. reflects the demand for quality men’s and menwear clothing, and that it has created a new market for men. 

According to the British Retail Consortium, men’s brands sell more than 40 million pieces in the United Kingdom every year.

The UK also has one of the world’s highest male unemployment rates, with almost 25% of people unemployed, according to the Office for National Statistics. 

This year, EDM UK has announced it will be selling its range in the USA, a move that will bring its US sales to over 50 million pieces this year.