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Women’s fashion magazine: ‘I think men are the only ones that really need to learn how to wear dresses’

Women’s Fashion Magazine (WFM) has released a new “women’s” fashion collection called “Cream” that has been inspired by the cream-colored dress worn by the female character in the classic Disney movie “Wreck-It Ralph.”WFM editor and editor-in-chief Lisa Lusby said the collection is a departure from the “traditional” feminine dress and style that has traditionally been worn by women.

“Cream is a nod to the classic feminine dress, but we’re bringing that same sensibility into our men’s and women’s collections,” Lusberson said.

The collection, which features a range of dresses from traditional women’s brands such as Vera Wang, Dolce & Gabbana, and Valentino to modern and contemporary women’s products, was launched with the help of Lusbys husband, author John Lusbin.

“We wanted to do something new and interesting and a bit different,” Lussby said.

Lusby explained that the collection started out as a simple idea and then expanded into a collection of “women-friendly” items, which include a number of women’s clothing.

“A lot of the women’s items we do tend to buy are things that are more masculine, and we wanted to create something that we can wear to work and just feel confident in,” Loussby said, adding that women are more likely to feel comfortable wearing dresses that are “slightly feminine.”

Lusbier said the women in the collection have come up with some “unique and beautiful” ideas, which Lusbies husband has also collaborated on.

“It’s been really great for us to get this out there, and hopefully it’ll help to inspire a lot of women to wear a dress,” Luscier said.

“I think there’s something about a woman with her makeup and her hair and her outfit that kind of just brings out the best in us,” Lausberson added.

Lausbier is also hoping the collection will inspire other women to get into the fashion game.

“So many women just don’t feel like they have a voice in the industry and a voice to make a statement about who they are,” Lucberson continued.

“And I think we really wanted to bring that voice into women’s fashion.”

Lausbs husband is a designer at Valentino and is also the founder of the Fashion Academy, an educational program for fashion students and industry professionals.

“There are a lot more women working in the fashion industry, and I think this is a great way to engage those women in fashion,” Luston said.