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Maxcy’s men’s clothing store opens in Melbourne’s CBD

Maxcy Men’s has been opening up shop in Melbourne for the past month.

Maxcy Men, a men’s fashion and lifestyle store, will open up its doors in the CBD this weekend and is located in the former Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The store is expected to open in October and will be a part of the popular Men’s Wear Melbourne.

The shop will be operated by Maxcy Sportswear, a Melbourne-based brand that is known for its well-tailored, high-end men’s garments.

Maxy Sportswear chief executive Adam Furlong said the store would be a key part of Melbourne’s vibrant and growing men’swear industry.

“It will be very special to have Maxcy open in Melbourne and bring the store to the CBD as a hub for its extensive range of men’s and women’s apparel,” Mr Furloong said.

“I am so excited about the potential this new store will bring to Melbourne’s growing men and women-focused fashion and culture scene.”

The Maxys website is now live and the shop is set to open at 12pm today.