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Philips men’swear to add two more women’s brands to its range

Philips has announced the addition of two more men’s brands, Leatherwood and Gentlemens.

The two new brands are the latest additions to the company’s range of men’s clothes and accessories, which include men’s coats, shirts, jackets, trousers and sweaters.

Leatherwood, a family-owned fashion company based in London, has an extensive range of clothing and accessories including men’s jackets, jackets and trousers, and womens suits.

Its men’s line, which is currently available in Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear and Women’s Select, also includes women’s tops, tops, pants, trousers, shoes and shoes, as well as womens footwear, accessories, men’s accessories and accessories.

“The new companies join the ever growing list of brands that have embraced and embraced women in our industry and we are delighted to welcome these new brands to the Philips family,” Philips said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to add these brands to our extensive range and we look forward to sharing more information with them soon.”

The two companies will launch their new products in stores from the end of this year, Philips said.