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What to expect from Kirby’s michael jackson collection

In January, Kirby unveiled the brand’s new men’swear collection, and today the brand is giving a few lucky customers the chance to try it out.

First up is the men’s jacket, which is a throwback to the classic 1980s look with the new, more classic look.

The jacket has a leather and leather trim and is designed to complement a more traditional look, according to Kirby.

It has a zipper pull closure, a button down front and a chest pocket.

Kirby says it’s a “vintage-inspired, retro style,” and that the “backward” look is meant to show off the company’s “unusual” and “unique” designs.

The men’s jeans will be available in a number of colorways and are described as a “semi-collared” look.

It features an open back with a white mesh front pocket, and the brand says that “the mesh provides protection from the elements while creating a stylish silhouette.”

A few weeks ago, Kirbys men’s line was updated to reflect the brand changes, including a new name and a new design.

The men’s collection will be on sale starting November 17.

Check out more photos of the new men, as well as the brand, below: