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‘You don’t want to do that’: Men’s Wear Australia warns men’s clothing is dangerous

AUSTRALIA’S MOST CONFIDENT MEN’S SHIRT AUTHOR, JOHN CASSADAY, is warning men to avoid wearing shirts that could cause a fall and injury.

In a podcast interview with Channel Nine, Mr Kass said wearing a shirt that’s too big could create a dangerous fall and make you feel uncomfortable.

He said a large shirt that is too wide may make it harder to lift it off your body.

“If you’re a man who wears the large shirt, it will probably make you go down a bit,” Mr Kass told The Current.

“It will make you uncomfortable, and it may cause you to fall, which is a dangerous thing.”

Mr Kass said he doesn’t think men should be wearing shirts in their 20s because “if you’re older, you’re more vulnerable, you may get hurt”.

“So, I don’t think that is the right time to wear a large-shirt,” Mr Cassidy said.

Mr Kass has been a fashion commentator for more than 30 years.

He has covered men’s fashion for more of the last decade, including a stint as a columnist at The New Yorker and in the New York Times.

He says he would like to be the next man to make a splash with his opinion and talk about what it’s like to wear the clothes he covers.

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