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Gadamo Men’s Wear: Gadamo

Gadamo men-wear is a line of men’s clothing, mostly of British origin, in which women wear their hair in a long bun, and men wear tights, socks and long-sleeved shirts.

They also feature colourful designs such as the ‘Gadamo’ flag, which was the flag of the British Empire during World War I. Gadamo Women’s Wear has been making men’s clothes for decades.

The line’s most recent range was a range of tights and tasseled jackets.

The clothing is made with wool and cotton, but the brand has also produced garments with linen, polyester and cotton fabrics.

Gadamelas Women’swear also makes clothing for women, including jackets, tassels and hats.

Gadamos men- and women-wear has been sold in over 50 countries, and its global sales have increased over the past five years.