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Japan’s men’s senator wins the top honor in the 2017 J.Crew ad campaign


Crew has won the 2017 ad campaign for its men’s collection, with its campaign featuring a variety of classic images of the fashion icon.

The ad is set to air in Japan on Sept. 25 and will be broadcast in more than 30 countries around the world.

The campaign is inspired by J.C. Penney’s J.

Converse sneakers and other iconic men’s brands, including Men’s Wearhouse, Levi’s and Gucci.

J.W. Penner, the creative director at J.crew, told The Huffington Enquirer that the ad campaign is a continuation of the partnership between J. and J. Converse, which is an official partner of the J. & J. Cosmetics brand.


Crew was the first brand to win a men’s ad campaign in Japan, and its ad was seen by millions of viewers around the globe.JCPenney is known for its popular and well-received collection, which features the iconic color red and iconic shoes.

The ads are the latest in J.&J.

Cosmetics’ ongoing effort to promote a wide variety of brands in Japan.

The company has created two separate commercials featuring celebrities from the country and is expected to debut more than 10 new ads in the coming months.