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The 20 best jerseys in Serie A 2018

In a season full of greats, there are few players in Italy that can top the list of top 20 best football jerseys in Italy, according to FIFA.

The Italian champions won the title on the back of a historic Serie A season in which they finished runners-up to champions Juventus in Serie B and advanced to the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time.

It was a season of incredible success for Milan, who reached the Europa League semi-finals in 2016 and reached the last 16 in 2018.

They also made it to the final of the Champions Cup.

The best Milan jerseys are:1.

Juventus Milan Milan’s best ever jersey is the one worn by Italy’s former captain, Luca Toni.

The shirt features the colours of the club’s colours in blue and white.

The crest is a red-and-white stripe, with a gold trim around the centre and a white band running from the top to the bottom.

The neckline features the word ‘Milan’ in blue.

This shirt is in good condition.

It’s also one of the best Milan sweaters of all time.2.

Milan Milan are known for their ‘big’ sweaters, but they have also got the best quality of all of them.

The Milan Milan shirt is an extraordinary piece of footballing artistry.

Its a shirt that can be worn for the football game, on the pitch or in the studio.

It has the classic look of Milan’s past.3.

Milan The best Milan jersey is one worn when Milan are on the field.

The Italian club has always been a very aggressive team, and Milan Milan have become one of Italy’s most dominant teams.

It is a great piece of kit, and the collar is a superb touch for a player who loves to play with his arms behind his back.4.

Juventus Juventus’ best ever shirt is the Milan Milan jersey, which features the colour blue, and is also one that is in great condition.

The blue strip is long, with an upper and lower border that are both black, and it also has a white trim around it.

The collar is white with a silver trim around both sides.

This is one of Juventus’ most iconic and iconic shirts.5.

AC Milan Milan won the Serie A title with a stunning, dramatic win over Juventus on penalties.

It was a fantastic performance, with the two teams going close to a shootout.

AC’s fans were at their wits’ end, with all of their shots coming back blocked.

The result was an unforgettable, thrilling final.6.

Juventus The Italian champions have had an incredible history of winning titles.

Milan were the first team to win the Champions’ League in 1951, and their record of 16 consecutive Italian titles is the second-longest in the history of the competition.

Milan’s first title was in the 1962-63 season, when they defeated Juventus in the final.

In the 1986-87 season, they won the Coppa Italia, before winning the Serie B title in 1996.

Juventus also won the Europa league in 1996, the Champions league in 2002, and again in 2006.7.

AC Juve are known as one of Europe’s most exciting teams.

The club has been successful in every single competition it has played in since 2006.

It won the Champions Leagues in 2014 and 2015, the Coppell Trophy in 2018, the Uefa Super Cup in 2019 and the Intercontinental Cup in 2021.

They won the UCL title in 2018 and won the Premier League in 2019, and won Serie A in 2021 and the Champions Football League in 2022.8.

AC The AC Milan jersey has been the shirt of Italy for the last two seasons, but it has not won a European title since 2006, when the Bianconeri were runners-in to the title.

It started its career as a Milan kit in the 1980s, but after the departure of Roberto Baggio to Manchester United in 2001, the club was sold to the US, where it won the American Cup and the Copa Libertadores in 2004.

The club returned to Milan in the 2018-19 season, but in 2017-18 it went under after owner Massimo Moratti decided to sell the club.

Moratti was replaced by a group of businessmen who renamed the club Milan Azzurri, and since then they have won the Italian league and Serie A twice.

They are currently top of Serie B, and they are currently ranked 10th in the World.