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‘A very big leap’: Women in womenswear show off their ‘no-strings-attached’ styles in ‘Mashable’ video

Haines is a brand of men’s clothes with a range of styles that are all about flexibility.

In the summer months, there’s a lot of activity, with people taking off their clothes to go to the gym.

And in the winter, you can find the same thing happening with suits, jackets and even coats.

This summer, Haine was looking for a new way to do that, so it opened its doors to the women of Hainemax.

The women of the brand came up with their own way of styling their clothes in a way that didn’t feel forced.

“It was very simple, just because you can,” said Hainette Toh, the founder of Hains.

“You can make something really simple and then you can customize it in a different way.

That’s what we do.”

This style is called “no-strings-attach” and is something that Toh said is very much her idea.

“I’m very much influenced by the traditional women’s style, but we wanted to be very flexible.

We wanted to take advantage of all of the things that women are doing in the world, like shopping, socializing, working,” Toh told Mashable.

The team of Hainerys designers came up at a time when there was a lot going on, and they wanted to help people find their style without being pressured.

“In this modern world where we have more and more people looking at our clothes, it’s very important for us to show them what we can do,” Tost said.

“This is something we can’t do at home.

It’s something that needs to be done in the studio.”

In addition to its relaxed, casual, and modern style, the brand also focuses on sustainability.

“We’re not trying to be the next Hainey,” Toldes said.

They also said that they’re looking to expand their business, which is an idea that is shared by many other women-owned companies.

“If you look at the fashion industry, I think there are a lot more women-focused brands that are making money.

But I think Hainema is different in that it’s a little bit more like a traditional company,” said Toh.

“So, it really wants to help women make money and have a better life.”