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When the World Was Not Watching

The butterfly men’re wear, the butterfly shirt and the butterfly shorts all came into being after the mid-1980s, when men’s fashion became increasingly mainstream.

The style, a nod to its namesake, has been around since the late 19th century, but it has largely remained a novelty.

Now, with the arrival of men’s styles in the fashion-forward world of contemporary fashion, the style is once again being revived and reimagined.

The new men’s collection, featuring a number of retro pieces, is a tribute to the timeless style.

“When the world was not watching, the butterflies went on the run,” said Lebanon.

“This collection is about the butterfly, about being in your own skin, about having your own way, and making it a part of your everyday wardrobe.”

For more information about the men’s collections, visit lebanons.com.au/mens-fashion.