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I’m not sure about this shirt, but I’m going to wear it

The first thing you should know about this year’s Men’s Wear Daily is that the editors are all dudes.

But if you are one of those dudes who has been obsessively following the brand’s fashion trends and has been looking for something to wear to work, then you might be interested in this Men’s wear exclusive: a pair of pants that look like you’ve just stepped out of a cartoon.

The pants feature a classic Americana look with classic American style and feel.

There’s a classic pocket square cut and a traditional cuffed waist.

The material is a stretch-y, mesh blend that looks great and feels great.

The slim fit makes it great for work and in everyday life.

It also looks great in jeans.

Check it out:The pants are available in sizes small to medium.

The medium fit is a bit larger than the small and has a slightly thicker, tapered leg.

The small fits nicely around the ankles and has some stretch, which is perfect for work or when it’s cold.

But the medium is a tad snug in the waist and the pants aren’t quite as supportive as a medium.

It’s also a bit less comfortable than the medium.

I really like the look and the feel of these pants.

They are a bit too big for me, but they are a great addition to any wardrobe.

Check it out!

If you are a fan of Americana, you will be really impressed with this pair.

It features classic American motifs and a timeless style that feels fresh and modern.

It has classic cuffs and a classic square-cut.

These are a classic look for men and women, and they are going to be a staple in the men’s wardrobe for a long time.