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What do you wear to your boss?

LONDON — If you’re a man wearing a suit to work, you’re not doing yourself a lot of favors.

It may be more likely that you will get the same look at your wife’s house, the boss at the office or even at home.

But it could also be a source of tension, according to a study by the University of Exeter that found men wearing suits to work were more likely to get distracted.

The study looked at how often people had been distracted while working at different locations around the world.

They found that in the United Kingdom, the number of workers who reported having been distracted at work was about half the number who said they were not.

There were also a couple of things that men wore more than women did.

First, men were more concerned with how much they were wearing, and so they were more cautious about what they were showing their bosses.

Second, men wore suits more often than women and also in more places.

In general, men are more likely than women to wear suits and are more comfortable wearing them than women.

But the research also found that, overall, men who wear suits were more productive and happier than their non-suit-wearing colleagues.

So why wear suits when you could wear something more casual, like a button-up shirt?

The research found that there were some exceptions.

For example, the researchers found that men were less likely to wear a suit when they were meeting someone new.

And there were a couple more general differences in the way men and women wore their suits.

Men wore their jackets more often.

Women were more inclined to wear them with pants or skirts.

But the most striking thing was that women wearing suits were not just more likely, but more likely.

More than two-thirds of men and more than two thirds of women said they wore a suit for work, compared to only two-fifths of men, and more women than men were wearing suits.

That means men are not just choosing to wear suit suits at work, but they’re choosing to show it.

This could also have some implications for what you wear at home, according the researchers.

Women who wear a dress or a dress-up are more concerned about the way they look than men who don’t, and they’re more likely in general to be bothered by people staring at them.

The study found that wearing suits was less common in countries that were more liberal, more open, and less conservative, such as Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, and Switzerland.

If suits were the answer, then why do so many people choose to wear ones that are more casual?

And why do some men prefer to wear jackets that aren’t really suits at all?

According to the researchers, the answer lies in the fact that men are also more likely — but less consistently — to wear something else than suits.

The researchers are still trying to understand why.